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History of the Barbershop

Established in 1995.

It's a Gee Thang is New England's Largest Barbershop offering the finest in services. We have a total of 33 chairs and each Barber is skillfully trained in the art of taking care of our customers. Our clients experience services from the past in a Jazz soothing environment. Straight Razor Shave with menthol towels, Dreads, Euro Dreads, Scissor haircuts, Clipper haircuts, Designer styles, State of the art coloring stations and Facials.

Biography of Founder

L. Fitzgerald Lester ll seed of life started in the tiny island of Jamaica in the the parish of Portland Windsor Castle and Buff Bay. Every day, he thinks of the journey to America and why!

Opportunity to succeed is what his father told him, “beat the book” was their saying. As the son of a sugar cane cutter what would his destiny be? I guess business was always in his DNA. His first business was a candy seller. In the 4th grade he would buy penny candies and sell for 2 cents cash or 5 cents on consignment to his classmates. He earned more than $10.00 dollars before his teacher realized what he was doing. Had it not been for the conflict with slow payers, he would have continued his candy business throughout high school. During his developmental years he honed his entrepreneurial skill through various opportunistic businesses. He shoveled snow, cut grass and walked dogs. At 13 years of age he found a clipper in the trash but on top. The clipper was still good. It had a detached cord that required reattachment. His interest in the clipper was solely the detached cord. He wanted to reattach the cord and make it work as he has seen his father do so many times with other discarded items. He successfully reattached the clipper cord. While in the bathroom he plugged it in to see if it worked. He felt its power as he held the clipper in his hand.

Consequently, the blade of the clipper blade showed signs of corrosion that restricted its movement. He rubbed lard on the clipper blade hoping it would move. Startled by the call of his mother the clipper remained in the on position while he answered his mother’s call. Upon his return he found the clipper dancing in the sink. The heat of the clipper melted the lard and loosened the corrosion causing the blade to regain its cutting ability. He saw success in the clipper. He started farming himself out as a $2.00 kid barber. As his skills improved he marketed himself as the barber that pays. He would convince school age young men to allow him to cut their hair paying him only $5.00 of the $10.00 given for their haircut.

He attended Albert I. Prince Technical High School studying barbering under the watchful eye of Master Barber instructor Edward De Angelis who taught him the science of barbering. After graduating with a barbering certificate he mastered his craft at Jack’s Barber Salon. Robert Gopie, Carlton Graham and Wilkie Gordon helped to take his barber training to another level. Finding success behind the barber chair was not gratifying enough so he continued his education at Morehouse College, graduating in 1993 with a degree in psychology. Pondering which road to travel he enrolled in graduate school continuing to study psychology while still working as a barber.

In 1995 he opened It’s A Gee Thang Barber Salon in the cities north end. Through quality services he quickly established It’s A Gee Thang as the premier barber salon in the city. Clients came from everywhere too experience It’s Gee Thang services. In that same year he established the back to school free haircuts for kids. That notoriety lead to the governor of the State of Connecticut becoming a client. Gov. John G. Roland choose It’s A Gee Thang as his barber salon of choice. Success was everywhere, local new papers, T V stations and the New York Times featured It’s A Gee Thang. New York industry magazines, Total Media Group began calling for it’s a gee thang to provide salon services during photo shoots. Celebrities like, Mike Tyson, Exibit, Mario and Royce Johnson from the hit series Dare Devil all selected to use It’s a gee thang salon services.

By 2005 It’s a Gee Thang had out grown its rental space. At that point, he began to plan for the next phase of It’sA Gee Thang. He envisioned a 33 chair salon, a 8 seat nail bar, pedicure lounge, 3 spa rooms with a coffee bar waiting area. In 2008 His vision came to pass as It’s A Gee Thang opened at its new location 2404 Main Street Hartford Ct. He ask that you come experience the finer side of barber, salon and spa services. Also, have a drink of coffee in our relaxing bar.

Photos of the Barbershop

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