Stay Sharp Services


Guest are the most important part of our business. The manner in which we service our guest determines his or her level of satisfaction. An unhappy guest is an unsatisfied guest. That’s why we created the “Stay Sharp Club” for the clients that require frequent salon services. Stay Sharp Club members are entitled to preferential treatment depending on their plan.

If looking your best is your only option and you don’t like to wait, then this program is for you. The stay sharp club is designed for individuals that desire weekly of by weekly grooming. The stay sharp club membership fee is due yearly at $99.99. The cost of monthly services are electronically paid on the first day of each calendar month.


Plan 1 includes:
No wait, first available seating, Five identical services per month for the price of four identical services. All machine shaves will include a hot towel. Razor shaves will include facial cleanse; manicure & pedicure include reflexology. Shampoos will include scalp treatment & scalp massage. All spa services and retail products are discounted 20%, in salon retail products purchased only.


Plan 2 includes:
Three identical salon services per month for the price of two and 1/2 identical salon services. All machine shaves will include a hot towel. Razor shaves will include facial cleanse; manicure & pedicure include reflexology. Shampoos will include scalp treatment & scalp massage. All spa services and retail products are discounted 10%, in salon retail products purchased only.

Spa Services

This clay mask, along with your choice of cleanse, scrubs or peeling creams will help restore sun damaged, under-moisturized, dull, and maturing skin.
A two part non-chemical treatment starts with our Blu’ Facial System, which provide a deep pore cleansing, then our Fruit treatment will help to dissolve excessive oil build up on the stratum corneum, soften comedones, and assists in removing other impurities which clog pores. The end result will provide skin texture that has clarity and the need firmness that is required for healthy skin
This four part treatment helps to reduce and improve the appearances of blemishes while controlling oil and bacteria. Our Exfoliating Cream will gently exfoliate and remove the dead skin cell. The Complexion Mask will deeply cleanse and purify the cell tissue as it minimize blemish, and reduce the pores size. The Complexion Balancing Astringent will help to restore the skins ph balance while regulating skins oil gland secretion. Finally, the treatment is top off with our Complexion Balancing Lotion, which helps to dry up blemishes, and reduce irritation of the skin. The client skin will appear normal, and youthful.
We start with the black & whitehead extractions, then the appropriate cleanser for client skin type, followed be our Anti Bacterial Toner that fights bacteria that lead to black-white heads. Our Renewal Gel helps to promote moisture by stimulating the renewal of native skin collagen. Once complete, this service will calm and soothe the damage caused by black-white heads.
We scrub the skin with an Green Chip Scrub blend that soften as it naturally exfoliate dead skin cell starting the polishing process. The Peppermint Mask will continue the renewal process as it soothes the after feel. With our Restoration Mask, we will brighten the skin with natural essential oils of lemon , and orange extract. We finish with our Vita Moist Cream, which replenishes the needed vitamins, and, moistures. This treatment works as a effective pigment inhibitor to brighten the complexion for a youthful look. This is an ideal treatment for individual suffering skin damage resulting from Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (razor bumps), or looking to lighten appearance after a struggle with acne. Pore size, brown spots, and surface roughness will be lessen, through a high concentration of vitamin A, C , and E, leaving the skin with a natural healthy glow.
This three phase system is designed to smooth, fill, lift and improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles instantly. The skin must be cleansed of all oils, and dry before the start of the process with the appropriate cleanser. In phase one Youthful protein Cleanse combined with Seaweed provide immediate cleanse lifting action. Next, we firm skin appearance by way of our Anti Age Serum. During this phase, moisture is reintroduced to the skin. Our Youthful Infusion Cream completes the process by way of oxygen boosting ginseng extract, and multi-vitamins helping too smooth, plump, and add volume to your skin as it improves fine lines caused by facial expressions
This treatment is designed for men that suffer from any form of skin irritation resulting from shaving. Shaving is required in some professions. However, shaving may leave the skin irritated, and damaged. We began by examining the skin with a magnifying mirror to see the level of irritation. Once the level of irritation has been determined, a hot towel is applied to open the pores, and add moisture increasing the diameter of the hair follicles. This process makes it easy to extract deeply imbedded hairs. Once the hair has been extracted additional hot towels are applied to prepare the skin for cleansing and exfoliation. All remaining hairs should be shaven off. Then the skin is refined through a Green Chip Scrub, which lifts away dirt and other impurities with out stripping away the essential lipids needed for healthy skin. Then the skin is clam through our Ice Mask. It provides a natural synergy of herbal extracts (cucumber, chamomile, and aloe vera) which provides an anti irritant effect and helps to reduce redness, and inflammation associated with razor bumps. The mask is followed by more hot towels too continue the soothing process. Finally the skin is dried with a blow dryer on its low/cool setting. After the skin has dried the Clear Bump Serum is applied. Using a cotton swab treat only the area that has been shaved with the Clear Bump Serum. Allow the face to air dry, finishing service with clients choice of our Shaving Balm, which will soothe, soften, and condition the skin while protecting against irritation. The client will leave with his face fully revitalized, and given instruction on how to prevent future out breaks of razor irritation.

Body Treatment

Looking to turn back the clock on your figure? Our body treatments are designed to help contour the body as it compliments your fitness goals.

Seaweed Body Wrap – $90

Mineral Earth Body Mask – $90

Exfoliating Body Scrub – $90

Detoxifying Body Wrap – $90

Swedish massage – $75

Stone Massage – $75

Pain Free Massage – $75

Detoxifying Body Massage – $75

Fruit Massage – $75

Nail Bar

Come experience the only bar in New England serving up the most refreshing menu of manicures and pedicures. A treat for the hard working man who is not accustomed to the finer side of barber salon services It’s all done at a 24 feet bar where 8 friend can socialize while getting their nails done while listening to Jazz music from the Harlem Renaissance era

Select any classic or Jazz-inspired lotions, from Black Pepper & Mint to the vibrant Cucumber infused with Mango. Choose any type of manicure and/or pedicure, each a Jazz concoction guaranteed to revive ravaged hands and feet. Our nail bar is all about pampering, inside and out. Enjoy your choice of refreshing tropical drinks that will help you savor the moment even more.

Straight up manicures & pedicures – $55

For both men and women, cuticle and nail care is combined with polish or buff and shine for healthy, natural nails.

Margarita manicure – $35

This is the ultimate thirst quencher. Sea salt will gently exfoliate your parched hands so they will be able to drink up the moisture when we massage your hands with the Jazz scents-sensational lotion and chase it with warm paraffin.

Mani and Pedi on the rocks – $75

This nail treatment includes a soak, exfoliation, a volcanic clay mask or paraffin treatment. It only gets better when warm stones are placed between your fingers or toes, and you have a gentle stone massage.

Salon Services

Treatment – $25
Wash/set – $55 & up
Tips and acrylics (full set) – $50
Waves – $65 & up
spirals – $65 & up
Twists – $65 & up
Hair cut w/ style – $65 & up
Trim – $25 & up
Perms – $75 & up
Virgin Perms – $95 & up
Rinse – $35
Color Rinse – $35
Semi/color – $35
Perm/color – $65
Bleach – $75 & up
Designer Style – $75 & up
Weave/Glue – $20 per track
Weave/Sew – $30 per track
Fusion – $250/half head
Fusion – $500/full head
Full-Highlight – $95 & up
Dry Curl – $65 & up
Pedicures – $35 & up
Manicures – $15 & up
Braids – $35 & up
Dreads – $65 & up
Updo’s – $65 & up
Pony Tails – $65 & up
Retouch (care free curl) – $75 & up
Virgin (care free curl) – $95 & up

Barber Services

Haircut – $25
Kids cut – $22 (under 12)
Razor Bald Head (w/ hot towel) – $30
Razor Bald Head (w/ shave) – $40
Dye Cut – $65
Dye cut (w/ beard) – $85
Dye shape cut – $35
Dye shape cut (w/ beard) – $45
Line shape up – $10
Line shape up – $15
Machine Shave – $10
Straight Razor Shave w/ hot towel – $35
Essence Of Our Shave – $65
Mustache Trim – $4
Nose Trim – $2
Ear Trim – $2
Eyebrow (razor) – $10
Eyebrow (waxed) – $15
Eyebrow (tattoo) – $25
Shampoo – $25
Thinning Hair Treatment – $25
Razor Bump Cleanse – $55
Fax/copies – $1 (per page)

Shoe Services

Traditional Shoe Shine – $10
Ankle Boot – $13
¾ Boot Shine – $16
Timberland Cleaning – $20
Shoe Repair – TBD


Our shave

The essence of our shave is the total removal or sculpturing of the facial hair by means of a straight Razor in the skillful hands of a Master Barber. The razor must be honed and slated to the panicle of sharpness. All products needed to provide the shave should be on hand. A deposable straight razor handle, a newly unwrapped deposable razor blade (sanitary reasons), a shaving brush made from the finest bristles available, towels made of exquisite cotton, the best pre shaving oils, and a Black Pepper based hot lather to help stimulate face. Then and only then is the client draped and positioned to experience theshave.




Hot Towels:

The facial hairs moisture to be soften, the exquisite cotton towel will suffice (3 pre shave). The steamed towels should be gently pressed against the clients face for several seconds (at least 30 sec). The hot towels will relax the skin, which lessens the occurrence of nicks, razor burn and PseudofolliculitisBarbae (razor bumps).

Pre-shave Oil:

Next, apply pre-shave oil, preferable plant based essential oil with herbs from the Mediterranean by L. Fitzgerald Lester Distinguish products for Men of Distiction. The pre shave should be applied only to the hairs to be shaven. The pre shave oil coat the hair follicles and provide an additional barrier of protection for the skin. The per- shave oil helps the razorto glideover the skin cutting the hair while lessening the touch of the skin.


The face is ready for lather. For best result dip a fine bristle shaving brush into L. Fitzgerald Lester shaving cream or gel for a titillating shave experience. The lather should be applied in a circular motion against the direction of hair growth. This will coat the hairs as it helps to lift the hairs allowing for the closet smoothest shave.


With a sharp razor, and light touch remove the hairs according to It’sA Gee Thang 14 step training for Mastering the Straight Razor (available on dvd). Always allow the razor to do the work. The first strokes should be in the direction of hair growth, no more than 2 strokes in a given area of the face. This should remove most of the hair, and should be suitable for client newly introduced to the straight razor shave. For client requiring the Essence Of Our Shave an additional step is required.

Essence Of Our Shave:

The face must be re-lather against the direction of hair growth, and a reverse free hand stroke against the grain will remove the remaining hair. To protect the skin apply 2 cold towels to rinse away any excess product, and close the pores. Then apply L. Fitzgerald Lester, appropriate post shave protection. This is our Pillar shave service and our clients will experience the true essence of shave. The It’s A Gee Thang way through L. Fitzgerald Lester products.