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The salon experience should be one of exceptional service. Our intentions are to provide an experience that gives our guest (clients) that feeling of relaxation, while helping them to achieve that outer appearance that they so internally desire. We are in the business of Hair, Nails & Skin Care, and yours is our business. Come experience some of the finest products available to man, (“when looking your best is not an option” Ajah Nicole), and in six months you will be (“the new you that everyone is talking about” L. Fitzgerald Lester).

It’s a Gee Thang will take you back to a time when personal service was for everyone. Our guest will experience the finest in salon services in an environment of elegance. Think Harlem, in the 1920’s, 1930’s & the 1940’s. The Harlem Renaissance marked a period in history when the greatest singer, musician, and writer made their mark on history. During the Harlem Renaissance you see pictures of timeless hairstyles and fashion. At It’s A Gee Thang we give our guest the opportunity to experience elegant styles of the past, infused with creative styles of today. It’s A Gee Thang stylist have mastered the art of beauty.

If your hair is natural, chemically treated, or in need of care, It’s a Gee Thang won’t rest, until you look your best. Your best can only be obtained when your skin, hair, and nail are properly maintained. Through our pillar products Ajah Nicole, L. Fitzgerald Lester, and another fine salon product we will take you where no salon has gone before.

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